• Passenger Vehicle

    Todays vehicles are sophisticated and come with a lot of features to suit customers varying needs. To enjoy all the features that drive your vehicle and enjoy your drive, you need to have a technologically superior battery powering your vehicle. When you walk into a Powerzone store you will find a wide range of maintenance free batteries for cars, jeeps, van and SUV’s.
    Key Features
    • Maintenance Free
    • BIC Vents
    • Factory Charged
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Improved Safety
    Application Chart – Four Wheelers – Car
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Daewoo
    Matiz AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Fiat
    118 NE (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Premier Padmini (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Punto (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – GMIL
    Spark (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Hindustan Motors
    Lancer (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Cedia (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Ambassador (Diesel & CNG) AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Contessa (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Honda
    City AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Jazz AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Hyundai
    Santro AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Maruti
    800 AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    800MPFI – A/c AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    800MPFI – LPG Vehicles AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Zen AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    1000 cc AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Esteem AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Swift(Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    SX4 AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    A-Star AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Ritz AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Alto AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Wagon R AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Zen Estilo AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Baleno AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Altura AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Tata
    Indica (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Indigo (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Marina (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Marina (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Indica (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Indigo (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Toyota
    Corolla AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Application Chart – Four Wheelers – Jeep
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Mahindra
    Camper AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Application Chart – Four Wheelers – Van
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Maruti
    Omni AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Ecco AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Application Chart – Four Wheelers – SUV
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – GMIL
    Tavera AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Hindustan Motors
    Trekker AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Hyundai
    Terracon AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – ICML
    Rhino AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Mahindra
    Scorpio AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Xylo AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Bolero (New) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000R AUC-PZ-00PZ600MF
    Armada AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Classic AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Voyager AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Mahindra Cabstar AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Commander AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Marshal AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Maruti
    Gypsy AUC-PZ-00PZ3500R AUC-PZ-00PZ350MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Others
    Challenger AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Gama AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Judo AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Trax AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Traveller AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Matador AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Canter AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Tata
    Safari AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Sierra AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Sumo AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Spacio AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Turbo AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Grande AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Toyota
    Innova (Petrol) AUC-PZ-00PZ3500L AUC-PZ-00PZ350LMF
    Qualis AUC-PZ-00PZ7000L
    Innova (Diesel) AUC-PZ-00PZ7000L
  • Commercial Vehicle

    In a country like India with a rugged infrastructure, commercial vehicles are put to the most severe of applications. This means you need to have a trouble free battery that will power the vehicle in the most harshest of terrain, extremes of heat and a host of other varied climate conditions. For commercial vehicles, being on the move is of utmost importance. Powerzone range of batteries allows you to Pick N Move. The only batteries in its class that are factory filled, charged, tested and ready to fit unlike other batteries mostly available in rural India.
    Key Features
    • Maintenance Free
    • BIC Vents
    • Factory Charged
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Improved Safety
    Application Chart – Commercial Vehicles – Three Wheeler
    Brand 9 (D.O.S) OR 12 (D.O.M)
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Bajaj
    3 Wheeler Petrol AUC-PZ-000PZ3WMF
    CNG Vehicles AUC-PZ-000PZ3WMF
    Application Chart – Commercial Vehicles – Truck
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Ashok Leyland
    Viking AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    Cheeta & CNG Buses AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    Hippo & Beaver AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    2214 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    2518 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    3121 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    3116 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    1616 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    2516 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Comet AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Taurus AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Tuskar AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Iveco & Stallion AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    E Comet AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Standard-20 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Eicher
    27 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    212 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Hindustan Motors
    RTV AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Swaraj
    1107 AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Tata
    1512 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    1510 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    1109 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    1610 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    807 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    909 AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    1612 AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    1613 AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    2516 AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    CNG Bus AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    407 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    LCV AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    608 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    709 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Application Chart – Commercial Vehicles – Genset
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Manufacturers – Others
    Gensets AUC-PZ-00PZ13000 AUC-PZ-HCV1200MF
    Gensets AUC-PZ-00PZ15000 AUC-PZ-HCV1500MF
    Gensets AUC-PZ-HCV1800MF
    Application Chart – Commercial Vehicles – Earth Moving Equipments
    Brand 12 Months Warranty Product
    Manufacturers – Others
    Gensets AUC-PZ-HCV1800MF
  • Farm Vehicle

    Our country is an agriculture driven economy. A range of farm vehicles are being employed in todays agricultural process to facilitate the farmer to reap in high growth. A walk in to the nearest Powerzone store will provide the Indian farmer a spectacular range of trouble free Maintenance free batteries to suit his farming needs and perform under extremes of heat conditions.
    Key Features
    • Maintenance Free
    • BIC Vents
    • Factory Charged
    • Vibration Resistant
    • Improved Safety
    • High Heat Resistant
    Application Chart – Four Wheelers – Car
    Brand 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Eicher
    312 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    333 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    364 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    300 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    368 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    380 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    480 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    485 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    5150 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    5660 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    480 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    6100 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Escorts
    30 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    35 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    325 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    335 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Farm Trac
    E37 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    33 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    325 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    340 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    355 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Power trac 430 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    435 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    440 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    450 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Ford
    3000 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – HMT
    2522 EDI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    3022 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    3522DX AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    3522DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    2522 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    2511 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    3522EXR AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    3511 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    4022 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    4922EX AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    4511 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    5911 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    EX6522 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    7511 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    5022 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    7522 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    R6522 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    4922R AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI 735 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI740 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – International Tractors Limited
    Sonalika DI 730 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    730II AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    730 III AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    DI 735 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    DI 740 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Sonalika DI 745 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI 750 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI 750 III AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI 755 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    DI 760 Senior AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Mahindra
    Yuvraj AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    Arjun AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Arjun 555DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    605 DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    575 DI Sarpanch AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    585 DI Sarpanch 475 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    295DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    595DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    275DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    275 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    295 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    595DI AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    265 DI Sarpanch AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    265 DI Bhoomiputra AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Others
    Dyna AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    OKA AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ750MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Swaraj Tractors
    724 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    733 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    735 AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    744 FE AUC-PZ-00PZ9000R AUC-PZ-0PZ1000MF
    Vehicle Manufacturer – Tafe
    MF – 1035DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    30DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    241DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    245DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    5245DI AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    4410 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    7250 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    241PM AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
    5900 AUC-PZ-00PZ7500R AUC-PZ-00PZ900MF
  • Two Wheelers

    Two wheelers are todays quick means of transportation for the Indian consumer. With the popularity of two wheelers increasing day by day there are 2 stroke & 4 stroke motorcycles and scooters being launched to suit needs of the aspiring consumer.
    Key Features
    • Easy Start
    • Sealed VRLA Battery
    • Hi Corrosive Resistance
    • High Vibration Resistance
    • Low Internal Resistance
    Application Chart – Two Wheelers – Scooters
    Vehicle Manufacturer Scooters Battery Type
    Bajaj Bajaj Bravo 2.5 Ah
    LML Supremo(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Saffire 5 Ah
    Bajaj Spirit 5 Ah
    Bajaj Wave 5 Ah
    Kinetic KineticHondaDX 5 Ah
    Kinetic ZX 5 Ah
    Kinetic Marvel 5 Ah
    Kinetic Kine 5 Ah
    Kinetic Zoom 5 Ah
    TVS Scooty ES 5 Ah
    TVS Scooty Pep 5 Ah
    TVS Scooty Pep+ 5 Ah
    TVS Spectra 5 Ah
    Honda Activa 5 Ah
    Honda Dio 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Plessure 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Street 5 Ah
    Suzuki Access125 5 Ah
    Kinetic Nova 135 9 Ah
    Kinetic Nova EX 9 Ah
    Kinetic Kinetic SYM Flyte 9 Ah
    Kinetic Blaze 9 Ah
    M & M Flyte 9 Ah
    LML NV SPL 9 Ah
    LML Select II 9 Ah
    LML Sensation 9 Ah
    LML Star Express 9 Ah
    LML Supremo(ES) 9 Ah
    Vehicle Manufacturer Motor Bikes Battery Type
    Bajaj CT 100 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Discover 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Discover DTSi (K S) 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Caliber 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Boxer 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj KB125 4S Champion 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Platina 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Pulser(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Wind 125. 2.5 Ah
    Kinetic Boss 2.5 Ah
    Kinetic Velocity(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Kinetic Challenger 2.5 Ah
    Kinetic K4 100 2.5 Ah
    TVS Centra 2.5 Ah
    TVS Fiero(KS) 2.5 Ah
    TVS Fiero F2(KS) 2.5 Ah
    TVS Fiero Fx(KS) 2.5 Ah
    TVS Max100 R 2.5 Ah
    TVS Samurai 2.5 Ah
    TVS Shogan 2.5 Ah
    TVS Shaolin 2.5 Ah
    TVS Star 2.5 Ah
    TVS StarCity(KS) 2.5 Ah
    TVS Victor GX 2.5 Ah
    TVS VictorGLX 2.5 Ah
    TVS Edge 2.5 Ah
    Honda Shine 2.5 Ah
    Honda Unicorn(KS). 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Rajdoot Std.RXZ 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Crux 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Enticer(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Ace 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Gladiator Std(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Gladiator DX(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Libero G5 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha RXZ 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Fazer(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha RX135 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha YBX125 2.5 Ah
    Yamaha Alba 106 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Achiever(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CD dawn 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CD Deluxe 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CD 100 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CD 100SS 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Glamour(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda GlamourF1(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Sleek 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Ambition 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Passion(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Spendor 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Splendor+ 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda SuperSplendor(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CBZ(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda CBZ X-Treme 2.5 Ah
    Hero Honda Hunk(KS) 2.5 Ah
    Suzuki Heat 2.5 Ah
    Suzuki Zeus125X 2.5 Ah
    Suzuki Zeus125XU 2.5 Ah
    LML AdrenoFX(KS) 2.5 Ah
    LML EnergyFX(KS) 2.5 Ah
    LML Beamer(KS) 2.5 Ah
    LML FreedomDX 2.5 Ah
    LML FreedomPrima110 2.5 Ah
    LML FreedomPrima125 2.5 Ah
    LML FreedomTopper 2.5 Ah
    Bajaj Dicover(ES) 5 Ah
    Bajaj DiscoverDTSi(ES) 5 Ah
    Bajaj XCD125 DTS-Si 5 Ah
    Kinetic Velocity(ES) 5 Ah
    TVS ApacheRTR(KS) 5 Ah
    TVS Fiero(ES) 5 Ah
    TVS FieroFx(ES) 5 Ah
    TVS FieroF2(ES) 5 Ah
    TVS StarCity(ES) 5 Ah
    Yamaha Enticer(ES) 5 Ah
    Yamaha Gladiator(ES) 5 Ah
    Yamaha Frazer (ES) 5 Ah
    Yamaha Alba106(ES) 5 Ah
    Yamaha RZ 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Achiever(ES) 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Glamour(ES) 5 Ah
    Hero Honda GlamourF1(ES) 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Passion+(ES) 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Ambition(ES) 5 Ah
    Hero Honda Super Spendor 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Bullet350 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Bullet500 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Bullet Std. 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Bullet Delux 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Lightning 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Electra(KS) 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Electra 5S(KS) 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Thunderbird 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Machismo A350 5 Ah
    Royal Enfield Machismo 500 5 Ah
    Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTSi-UG(ES) 9 Ah
    Bajaj Pulsar150 DTSi-UG(ES) 9 Ah
    Bajaj Pulsar 200 9 Ah
    Bajaj Pulsar 220DTSi 9 Ah
    Bajaj Avenger 9 Ah
    Bajaj Eliminator 9 Ah
    Kinetic Kinetic 4S 9 Ah
    Kinetic GF Laser 9 Ah
    Kinetic GF170 9 Ah
    TVS Apache RTR(ES) 9 Ah
    LML Beamer(ES) 9 Ah
    LML FreedomDX 9 Ah
  • Inverter Batteries
    Most parts of India suffer from powercuts and extremes of voltage drop. Inverters are pre-dominantly used to address this problem. For an inverter, it is the battery that supports power back-up. Powerzone brings to you a range of inverter batteries to suit varying needs/applications of end users. It very well fits any brand of inverters available in the market. When you buy a Powerzone inverter battery, you can enjoy ultra low maintenance experience as the battery uses a high heat resistant Calcium/ultra modified Hybrid alloy for its grids which makes them maintenance-free. Today Powerzone inverter batteries are most preferred in rural India. Visit Powerzone to buy one for your inverter. A range of inverters and home UPS are also available from Powerzone.
    Application Chart – Inverter Batteries
    Types 18 Months Warranty Product 12 Months Warranty Product 30 Months Warranty Product
    Flat plate batteries for inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-0PZI14000
    Flat plate batteries for inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-0PZI16000
    Flat plate batteries for inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-INV1200MF
    Flat plate batteries for inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-INV1500MF
    Flat plate batteries for inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-INV1800MF
    Short Tubular batteries for Inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-PZST150AH
    Tall Tubular batteries for Inverters and Home UPS AUC-PZ-PZTT150AH
  • Home UPS / Inverter

    In India Power distribution and availability of uninterrupted power supply is still a bothersome issue. Powerzone offers a range of inverters, home UPS and inverter batteries to choose from. When most companies talk about solutions for Power-cuts, we at Powerzone go a step further in bringing quality back-up power supply for unhindered performance during Power-cuts. Our Powerzone Home UPS incorporates a unique “DSP Technology” which delivers an unmatched industry best Pure Sine Wave that not only gives you peace of mind during power cuts but also protects your valuable gadgets during varying voltages and rapid voltage drop.
    Walk into your nearest Powerzone Retail store for assistance on selecting an inverter or home UPS to suit your needs. We have our strong Powerzone Service team who will help you with choosing, planning and installaling the right product.
    Key Benefits of Powerzone Home UPS / Inverter
    1. Unique “DSP Technology” Enhances life of electrical gadgets/zero humming of electrical/electronic products
    2. Unique “Intelli Battery Safeguard” (IBSS) Ensures optimum charging/protection for battery which results in long lasting life of battery
    3. Quick Charging Technology Enables fast recharging of battery in areas prone to frequent power cuts
    4. Adheres to TS 16940 ISO 9001
    5. Compact & rugged design combined with Elegant looks makes Powerzone Home UPS an ideal solution for rural and semi-urban India
    1. AC Input Voltage 230V + 15%-5V
    2. Mains Mode
    a. Fast changeover Mode(FC)
         1. Mains Low Cut 180V+/-5V
         2. Mains High Cut 260V+/-5V
    b. Slow Changeover Mode(FC)
        1. Mains Low Cut 100V+/-5V
        2. Mains High Cut 280V +/-5V
    3. Battery Voltage 12V
    4 AC O/P Voltage at No Load 220 +/- 7V
    5 Output frequency 50HZ + 0.1 Hz
    6 Battery Charging Boost mode & Trickle mode with required current limit
    7 Battery Lower Voltage limit 10.1V for single Battery
    8 Battery Maximum Charging Current 10A+/-1.5A
    9 Recommended Battery Capacity 80-180AH/12V
    Optional Support Chart
    Home UPS 400VA Home UPS 650VA Home UPS 800VA Home UPS 1400VA
    Load Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 Option 2 Option 1 Option 2
    Computer 0 0 1 0 1 0 1 0
    Tube Light 2 2 3 3 2 4 6 7
    Fan 2 1 1 3 2 4 5 7
    TV 0 1 0 1 1 1 1 1
    Application Chart – UPS
    UPS Battery Type
    Home UPS 400VA
    Home UPS 650VA
    Home UPS 800VA
    Home UPS 1400VA

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