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  • Amara Raja believes in influencing and improving the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to people all the time. With innovative engineering, research and design, Amara Raja has grown with partnerships and information sharing with world leaders.

    Amara Raja is commited towards latest generation technologies by developing and manufacturing globally competitive, customer focused products of world class quality and responsibly introducing these products into relevant markets.

  • Mission, mantra, way of thinking, philosophy, what we live for… call it what you want, you’ll find it below. Introduce yourself to the way we think.”To transform our spheres of influence and to improve the quality of life by building institutions that provide better access to better opportunities, goods and services to more people…all the time.”
    Introduce latest generation technologies
    Adapt these technologies to suit the operating environment
    Develop and manufacture globally competitive, customer-focused products of world-class quality
    Responsibly introduce these products into relevant markets
    Provide world-class customer support
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  • Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, take a quick look at some of the laurels we’ve garnered in the short time that we’ve been around with.
    Most Preferred Battery Brand” in Telecom Segment from “FROST & SULLIVAN -2013
    Gold Award for Excellence in SME Services from Indus Towers-2013
    Excellent support Award from Viom Network -2012
    Global award from Ford on warranty improvement – 2012
    Best Quality Vendor award from ZTE – 2011
    Best Quality award received from Maruti Suzuki India Limited – 2011
    Best Telecom equipment Manufacturer Award 2009 by BSNL
    Quality Excellence Award for the year 2009 by INDUS Towers
    Amaron® is the preferred supplier to Daimler Chrysler, Ford and General Motors
    Automotive Product of the year 2000 by Overdrive
    Excellence in Environmental Management in 2002 by AP Pollution Control Board
    Creative Advertiser of the year ’02 by ABBY
    Ford “World Excellence Award”
    Ford Q1 Award
    ISO-9001 in 1997…RWTUV
    QS 9000 in 1999…RWTUV
    ISO/TS 16949 in 2004…RWTUV
    Quality benchmarks
    Best Business Practices as per JCI
    ISO 14001 in 2002…RWTUV
    Part of the world’s largest battery manufacturing alliance – Johnson Controls Inc., USA
    Largest manufacturer of standby VRLA batteries in South Asia
    Pioneered the widely used VRLA batteries for industrial application in India
    Largest & dominant market leader of standby batteries in Railways, Telecom, Power Generating stations in India
    One of the largest (designed for producing 3.64million batteries p.a.) and most modern automotive battery plants in Asia
    Highly automated (oxide preparation to finishing; all processes and operations are automated)
    Part of Amara Raja’s highly integrated battery complex (most components are built in-house)
    Industrial Economist Business Excellence Award – 1991 by the Industrial Economist, Chennai.
    Best Entrepreneur of the year 1998 – by Hyderabad Management Association.
    Excellence award by institution of Economic Studies(ES), New Delhi.
    Udyog Rattan -1999 by Institution of Economic Studies (ES), New Delhi.
    Q1 Vendor Status by Ford India Limited – 2003.
    World Excellence Silver Award by Ford USA
    The spirit of Excellence by Academy of fine arts, Tirupati

    Dr. Ramachandra N. Galla is the Patriarch of an illustrious business family of Andhra Pradesh, Gallas, who have established a name for themselves by successfully setting up Amara Raja Batteries. Born in 1938, Dr. Ramachandra Galla is an Electrical Engineer from S.V. University, Tirupati and has to his credit Masters degrees in Applied Electronics, Roorkee, India and Systems Sciences, Michigan State University, USA.

    Dr. Galla started his career as an Electrical Engineer in US Steel Corporation, USA moved on to Sargent & Lundy, USA as a Consulting Engineer for the Designing of Nuclear & Coal Fired Power Plant. He initiated various projects in these corporations & mastered the ropes of this competitive business in a very short time. However, he soon discovered that his natural inclination was serving his country and as a logical sequel he gravitated towards Chittoor his native place in India. Dr. Galla laid the foundation of Amara Raja batteries in 1985 in Chittoor. With his intense zeal and highly focused approach, he propelled Amara Raja Batteries in the top league of battery companies in India.

    In his capacity as the Chairman, Dr. Ramachandra Galla has promoted and established the following companies from the conceptual stage which are now well established and profit making:

    Amara Raja Batteries Ltd
    Amara Raja Power Systems Ltd
    Mangal Industries Ltd
    Amara Raja Electronics Ltd
    Amara Raja Infra (P) Ltd
    Amaron Batteries (P) Ltd
    Amara Raja Industrial Services (P) Ltd

    Dr Galla’s finest hour as a businessman came in 1998 when he was presented BEST ENTERPRENEUR OF THE YEAR 1998 ” – by Hyderabad Management Association, Hyderabad. He has been bestowed with honorary doctorate degrees from Jawaharlal Nehru Technical University in 2008 at Hyderabad & Sri Venkateswara University in 2007 at Tirupati. He has also been conferred with “THE SPIRIT OF EXCELLENCE” award by Academy of Fine Arts, Tirupati, and various other prestigious awards.

    He is passionate about a corporate’s responsibility to society as well as championing eco-friendly business practices. Dr. Galla has established various charitable trusts like Krishna Devaraya Educational & cultural association (KECA), Rajanna Trust, Mangamma & Gangul Naidu Memorial Trust. He is dedicated to rural development and improving the economic conditions of the farmers in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India. KECA which was established in 1975 provides scholarship to the poor and needy students to pursue their higher education. While Rajanna Trust that was established in 1999 to construct check dams and deepening the tanks to improve the ground water levels. MANGAL TRUST was established in 2003 to provide drinking water facilities, constructing check dams & providing infrastructure facilities to Petamitta and surrounding villages.

    A committed family man with wife, two children & grand children, he loves spending time with his family and participating in society development project.

    Vice Chairman and Managing Director

    Jayadev Galla (Jay) is the Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Amara Raja Batteries Limited (ARBL), a leading manufacturer of Advanced Lead Acid batteries for Industrial and Automotive applications. ARBL is a joint venture between Amara Raja group and US based Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI). JCI is a USD 35 billion conglomerate and the global leader in building efficiency, automotive interior experience and automotive power solutions. The company owns the brand name “Amaron” which is the second largest selling automotive battery brand in India today. ARBL is a widely held public limited company listed on the National Stock Exchange of India Limited and the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited. The gross revenue for the year ending March 31, 2012 is more than USD 450 mn.


    • Spearheading ARBL’s automotive batteries (Amaron) venture
    • Striking a partnership with JCI, U.S.A. for the automotive battery business
    • Winning the prestigious Ford World Excellence Award in 2004 achieved by meeting global delivery standards. ARBL is the 3rd supplier from India to be given this award.

    Posts and Responsibilities

    • Confederation of Indian Industry
      • Young Indians National Branding Chair
      • Young Indian’s National Immediate Past Chairman
      • Young Indians Immediate Past Chairman – District Chapter Initiatives
    • Amara Raja Group of Companies
      • Vice Chairman, Amara Raja Power Systems Limited
      • Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Amara Raja Electronics Limited
      • Vice Chairman, Mangal Industries Limited
      • Director, Amara Raja Infra Private Limited
      • Director, Amaron Batteries (P) Ltd.
      • Director, Amara Raja Industrial Services (P) Ltd.
    • Permanent Trustee of the Rajanna Trust
      • The Trust was established in 1999 and is dedicated to rural development and to improve the economic conditions of the farmers in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh. Among other things, Rajanna Trust has executed micro irrigation projects valued to a tune of 1 million US dollars which has benefited over 2000 agricultural families
    • Advisory Member
      • Wockhardt Foundation

    Jay holds a bachelors’ degree in Political Science and Economics from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, USA. As an avid sports lover, he has played chess and tennis at a competitive level. He also enjoys golf, motor sports, diving, travel and pop culture in general. Married with two children; in his leisure time he loves spending time with his family and participating in community development initiatives.

  • A company is known by the society it keeps.

    We believe in taking responsibility for whatever we do; within and without the company. It’s what responsible leaders are expected to do. Our vision is to create communities that are economically and socially vibrant enough to stimulate growth and self-reliance; within and without the company.

    In keeping with this commitment, we’ve committed ourselves to social activities in the following four areas:

    Village development

    To ensure our people have a better quality of life we provide primary schooling facilities for the children of our employees. We also provide our employees with facilities in the form of free memberships to education enhancement trusts and organizations like the library for employees on site, the Rajanna Trust for intellectual enhancement, the Krishna Deva Raya Trust and Cultural Association, Vinayashramam, Thapovanam and the Rashtriya Seva Samithi.

    Some of the infrastructure requirements of daily living that we take responsibility for include a bank for employees and the public, residential complexes for employees, medical and other facilities like a post office, subsidized transportation and recreational clubs for everyone who works with us.Village development
    India lives in her villages. It’s why we focus a great deal on developing the same by helping in the building of roads, street lighting, rainwater storage plants and check dams. Under the banner of ‘Grameena Vikasam’ we’re proud to have invested time and resources on all the ongoing and long-term initiatives.Environment
    Respect for environment is a core business value that is reflected in all the comprehensive, proactive environment programmes like the development of green belts, energy conservation and water harvesting, to name a few.
  • Apart from the investments we make in getting the best people, we also make it a point to provide them with the best Manufacturing, Engineering and Service facilities that are outlined below:
    World-class integrated facility
    Oxide manufacture to finished battery dispatch in one complex
    Automation at every possible process and in all critical areas
    Fully furnished in-house plastic injection molding
    Ultra modern Sheet metal fabrication facility with CNC machines robotic welding equipment
    Govt. approved R&D Center for battery
    Test facilities to check the raw material to Parts Per Billion Level
    Full fledged calibration & chemical labs to correct instruments & check material purity
    SPC & SQC techniques for every process
    PPAP & APQP procedures for product development
    Only Industrial Battery Plant to get certified for QS-9000
    Catia Software for Modeling
    Solid works for Sheet Metal Design
    Autocad FOR Sheet Metal Design
    Protel for PCB artwork and Electrical Schematic diagrams
    Compilers and programmers for Intel, Microchip and Atmel micro controllers
    HP/Fluke make Power Analyzers, Digital Storage Oscilloscopes for prototype modeling
    Vibration Test facility up to 3G
    Environment chambers to test the systems at sub zero and elevated temperatures
    Futuristic ambience
    State-of-the-art technology
    Value added ARBS
    Diagnostic service
    Collection centre for used batteries


  • To cater to ever changing customer needs, Amara Raja has also built a Battery Excellence Centre – the first of its kind in Asia. This research and engineering centre has been conceived as a completely self-sufficient facility with a full range of testing equipment. The centre incorporates all the latest gadgetry for battery performance evaluation, design and life testing and also has capabilities for application engineering, vehicle systems study, simulations and computer-aided design including a full calibration laboratory on site.

    As a result, Amara Raja is uniquely placed to offer substantial benefits on sizing of batteries and electrical systems to its industrial and OEM customers and will be able to effect valuable improvements in product performance and manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, this centre will not only serve the needs of the domestic market, but also be a resource for alliance research and development projects.

    Amara Raja’s plant is located in Karakambadi, a village 12 km from the temple town of Tirupati. The existing facility is ISO9001, QS9000 and TS 16949 certified by RWTUV Germany. The plant is part of the most completely integrated battery manufacturing facility in India with all critical components, including plastics sourced in-house from existing facilities on-site. This gives Amara Raja complete control over inventory and product quality.

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