• Performance Features:

    • Robuts, safe and reliable
    • Suitable for PSOC and deep discharge
    • Unique heavy duty corrosion-resistant alloy for positive grids to increase cyclic life in tropical environmental
    • Radgrid Tm  profile providing lower internal resistant and performance
    • Instacharge TM, a patented paste recipe for excellent charge acceptance
    • Low self-discharge rates ensures high charge retention
    • Design Float Life of 10 years
    • Clean Ans Sleek looks
    • Higher Ah and WH efficiency
    • Longer service life

    Quality Edge:

    • ISO 9001 AND ISO/ TS 16949 certified by RWTUV
    • ISO 14001 certification signifying the environmental consciouness
    • OHSAS 18001 certified
    • Implementation of kaizen, Six Sigma programs

    Product Approvals :

    • Conforms to IS 15549:2005
    • Conforms to international standards- JIS 8702C
    • UL approved
    • DGS&D approved
    • MNRE approved
    • Conforms to IE60896


    • Solar Lantern
    • Solar Street Light
    • Solar Home Light
    • Rural Electrification
    • Traffic Light
    • Telecommunication
    • Offshore Platforms
    • Railway signaling
    • Hybrid Power Plant
    • Navigation Aids


  • Apart from the investments we make in getting the best people, we also make it a point to provide them with the best Manufacturing, Engineering and Service facilities.

    • World-class integrated facility.
    • Oxide manufacture to finished battery dispatch in one complex.
    • Automation at every possible process and in all critical areas.
    • Fully furnished in-house plastic injection molding.
    • Govt. approved R&D Center for battery.
    • Full fledged calibration & chemical labs to correct instruments & check material purity.
    • Only Industrial VRLA SMF Battery Plant to get certified for ISO/TS 16949: 2009
    • SPC & SQC techniques for all Significant/Critical Processes
    AGM Battery


    • Vibration Test facility up to 3G.
    • Environment chambers to test the systems at sub zero and elevated temperatures.
    • Futuristic ambience.
    • State-of-the-art technology.
    • Collection centre for Scraped batteries.
    • Ultra modern Sheet Metal fabrication facility with CNC machines robotic welding equipment.
    • Test facilities to check the raw material to Parts Per Billion Level.
    • PPAP & APQP procedures for product development.
    VRLA Battery Battery India

    UPS Battery

    AGM Battery
    VRLA Battery
    Battery India
  • Amaron Quanta is well appriciated and accredited by its well known customers and by major accreditation bodies for its incomparable quality standards that it has maintained years in the field of Industrial Batteries. With the commitment of offering the best technology to you, Amaron Quanta is sure to remain as one of the leading brands in Battery- India.
    • “Most Preferred Battery Brand” in Telecom Segment from FROST & SULLIVAN – 2013
    • Gold Award for Excellence in SME Services from Indus Towers -2013
    • Excellent support Award from Viom Network – 2012
    • Global award from Ford on warranty improvement – 2012
    • Best Quality award received from Maruti Suzuki India Limited – 2011
    • 2011 : Best Quality Vendor award from ZTE
    • Best Telecom equipment Manufacturer Award 2009 by BSNL
    • Quality Excellence Award for the year 2009 by INDUS Towers
    • Excellence in Environmental Management in 2002 by Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board
    • ISO-9001 in 1997…RWTUV
    • QS 9000 in 1999…8230;RWTUV
    • ISO/TS 16949 in 2004.RWTUV
    • Quality benchmarks
    • Best Business Practices as per JCI
    • ISO 14001 in 2002.RWTUV
    • Part of the world’s largest battery manufacturing alliance – Johnson Controls Inc., USA
    • Largest manufacturer of standby VRLA batteries in South Asia
    • Pioneered the widely used VRLA batteries for industrial application in India
    • Udyog Rattan -1999 by Institution of Economic Studies (ES), New Delhi
    • AutoCAD FOR Sheet Metal Design
    • Largest & dominant market leader of standby batteries in Railways, Telecom, Power Generating stations in India
    • One of the largest (designed for producing 2.5million batteries p.a.) and most modern automotive battery plants in Asia
    • Highly automated (oxide preparation to finishing; all processes and operations are automated)
    • Part of Amara Raja’s highly integrated battery complex (most components are built in-house)
    • Industrial Economist Business Excellence Award – 1991 by the Industrial Economist, Chennai
    • Best Entrepreneur of the year 1998 – by Hyderabad Management Association
    • Excellence award by institution of Economic Studies (ES), New Delhi
    • The spirit of Excellence by Academy of fine arts, Tirupati
    Battery India
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