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  • ITON 600 & 1000
    Features :
    AutoSleep Mode
    Insta Restart
    Power Protection for Fax / Modem
    Smart Monitoring Software
    Smart Microprocessor Control
    Smart AVR Technology
    Communication Port
    Overload Protection & Alarm
  • A high-performance UPS with proven reliability, custom configurability, hot-swap internal batteries and extendible runtime in a compact rack and tower design. The Liebert GXT2 (4.5 KVA / 6 KVA) features and flexibility make it the optimal solution for your server & data room, networking and telecom applications that require reliable, continuous and quality power.

    UPS Station GXT2 (4.5kVA / 6kVA)

    Features :
    True on-line design
    Built-in PFC circuit
    Wide input voltage windows allows UPS support without going to battery, extending systems availability
    Built-in Surge Suppresion
    Compatible with new SNMP / Web Card
    Compatible with Multiport 4 or 8
    Compatible with RelayCard INT
    Overload Protection & Alarm
    Compatible with MultiLink
    Include Windows-based configuration program
    External plug and play Battery cabinets available
    Configurable as rack or tower
    Built-in serial communications for use with Liebert MultiLinkTM
    Automated Shutdown Software
    IntellislotTM communications port
    Built-in closure signals
  • Liebert GXT-MT features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions.Liebert GXT-MT satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply.Liebert GXT-MT is available in a compact Tower configuration making it easily deployed in an office or a light industrial application.Liebert GXT-MT long run model (L) deploys adaptive battery architecture to maximise your valuable rack space utilisation. Application specific battery configuration and placement ensuresoptimal performance.

    The Liebert GXT-MT

    Features :
    Extended Runtime Capabilities
    Flexible (Site Specific) Battery Configuration
    Compact Tower design
    Generator Compatible
    Class B Electromagnetic interference (EMC) compatible
    Ultra wide input voltage range
    High capacity Battery Charger for GXTL
    High input power factor & low THDi
    Applications :
    Small Size Data Center
    Telecommunication, VoIP
    Small Office Network
    Data Warehouses
    Medical Diagnostics
    Process Automation Equipments
  • ” Next generation medium size UPS” | The extreme power system for meeting your scalable business needs.
    Liebert NX – the next generation, true on-line, double conversion digital UPS – is designed to appropriately address “Hi – Availability Quality Power” need of B2B and B2C businesses.Innovation, simplicity and low cost of ownership have been delicately converged in Liebert NX to offer you the highest capital investment return. With the Liebert NX, you can rest assured that you have high nines quality power for your critical business applications.Liebert Nxa UPS comes in six popular ratings: 30, 40, 60, 80, 100 & 120 KVA (380/400/415, 50/60 Hz).Top 5 Applications of Liebert Nxa are: Server Rooms and Mid-sized Data Centers Telecommunication (Fixed, WLL & Mobile) Billing & Reporting SystemsNetworks (LAN, MAN & WAN), InfoCom and WiFi Hot SpotsIndustrial Process & Motion Automation for Mid-sized Plants Medical Diagnostic / Imaging Equipment
    Liebert UPS NXA
    Features :
    Stratified cooling techniques
    Versatile and simultaneous communication Facilities
    Compact Active and passive footprints
    Capability to handle 0.9 leading power factor loads
    Capability to handle 100% unbalanced loading
    Backfeed Protection
    User flexibility in selecting effective configuration for the application Large and user-friendly LCD display in twelve different languages
    Compatibility to VRLA (SMF), LATB, Nickel Cadmium Batteries
    Black Start Facility
  • The Powerbank Series System is a True on-line UPS System with state-of-the-art IGBT based system. With a Rugged Robust design to provide fit-and-forget reliability and with a capacity of 6 kVA, this one is a workhorse!The Powerbank features total isolation of the load from the mains – isolating input and output sections which is ideal for VSAT applications. Configurable in hot standby configuration – Ideal product for critical applications(banks etc).Wide input voltage (165V-265V) – Ideal for Indian Power conditions.
    Features :
    True On Line IGBT based Systems.
    Cold Start on full load facility. Even under black out conditions the Powerbank can be switched on
    1+1 Hot Standby Configuration
    Battery Charging Current Selector
    Generator Capability
    Static Bypass with Zero Transfer
    Multilink Auto Shutdown Software
    Input overvoltage cutoff devices – Provides complete protection to system during high input voltage conditions
    Backup upto 4 hours possible
    Excellent overload features 150% FL for 5 seconds
    Output short circuit protection – Protects system from output faults at the
    load end
    Battery charging current selection – optimises battery charging which improves life of batteries
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  • The Liebert Super 400D is a true on-line sinewave UPS system that provides the user with clean computer grade power for continuous operation of his critical load, regardless of any disturbance on the upstream AC power. The system offers many innovative features to give the user maximum reliability and flexibility at the lowest operating cost. With Liebert Super 400D UPS system, you have complete peace of mind.
    Top 4 Applications of Liebert Super 400D are :Facility-wide networksMedical equipmentIndustrial processesLarge computer rooms
    UPS Super 400D
    Features & Benefits :
    10, 20 kVA models
    Unity Input Power Factor
    Parallel operation for Redundancy
    Wide Input Voltage Range
    Low Input Current Harmonic Distortion of less than 5%
    Full Digital Signal Processing using the latest DSP technology
    High Overload and Short-Circuit Capacities
    Compatible with Engine Generators
    High Reliability for Maximum System Availability
    Handles 3:1 Crest Factor Loads
    Intelligent Battery Management
    LCD Display and Mimic Panel for Real-time information
    Output Isolation between UPS and Critical Load
    Temperature compensated Battery charging to enhance the Battery Life
    Battery test facility
    Reverse Phase sequence operation
    Auto retransfer facility
  • P owe r S u r e ® P a n e l T V S S

    Electric power line disturbances such as high voltage transients can disrupt or damage sensitive electronic equipment — causing a major loss in productivity and money.Liebert understands this problem and offers the PowerSure® Panel Low and Medium Exposure surge suppression systems — the reliable way to keep these power problems from getting into your facility in the first place.PowerSure® Panel Low Exposure — Designed for use on branch panels or equipment in low exposure locations. Available up to 100kA/phase surge current capacity. LED status indication and Form C contacts for remote indication are standard.PowerSure® Panel Medium Exposure — Offers protection from transients on distribution panels or any medium exposure location. Available in 100kA/phase and 160kA/phase, all mode and two mode protection, small footprints, NEMA 12 enclosure, silver link fusing with thermal protection,
    all voltage and phase configurations, 5-year warranty.
    Specifications : Low Exposure Medium Exposure
    Connection Type Parallel Parallel
    Operating Voltage Range ±15% ±15%
    Surge Current Capacity 25kA, 50kA or 100kA 100kA or 160kA
    Fault Current Rating (AIC) 14kAIC 65kAIC
    Dimensions 4.72″x4.72″x2.36″ (160 kA units) 8″x6″x4″
    (100 kA units) 6″x4″x3″
    Operating Frequency Range 47–63 Hz 47–63 Hz
    Capacity Continuous Continuous
    EMI / RFI Attenuation 40 dB typical 40 dB typical
    Response Time <0.5 nanoseconds <0.5 nanoseconds
    Dry Contract rating 125 VAC, 8.0A, 1.0pf 125 VAC, 8.0A, 1.0pf
    Operating Temperature -40°C to +50°C -40°C to +50°C
    Operating Humidity 0% to 95% 0% to 95%
    Status Indication LED, Dry Contacts LED, Dry Contacts
    Certifications UL 1449, CUL
    UL 1449, CUL
    Warranty 5-Years 5-Years
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  • Accessories & Software
    Features :
    MultiLink Advanced, version 3.5 – Detailed Power Monitoring, Automated Shutdown
    MultiLink version 3.5, is your scalable network power protection solution. Run MultiLink on one machine to monitor your power and ensure a graceful, unattended shutdown in the event of an extended power failure.In the one-on-one configuration, MultiLink will monitor a serially connected UPS or an SNMP-enabled UPS over the network. MultiLink can also be upgraded to support your unique needs. Purchasing the MultiLink Network Administration License allows you to monitor multiple UPS units and remotely configure other installations of MultiLink throughout your network Purchasing the MultiLink Network Shutdown License allows you to efficiently manage your power protection on a larger UPS by running MultiLink on one computer and using that computer to coordinate the shutdown of other computers throughout your network.Compatible Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows NT/2000/Server 2003/XP/98/ME, AIX, Linux, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Novell Netware
  • Company Profile

    Emerson Network Power (India) Private Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson Electric USA, a $US 24.2 billion Fortune 500 Company. Set up in September 1993, the Indian subsidiary has seen a consistent growth rate of more than 30% p.a., over the decade. Today, the company is acknowledged as the Global leader in protecting and optimizing critical infrastructure by providing best-in-class integrated “network uptime solutions”.

    It offers AC Power (UPS), Connectivity Solutions, DC Power for Telecom, Embedded power, Inbound Power, Integrated Cabinet/Rack Solutions, Outside Plant, Precision Cooling, all supported by world-class Site Monitoring & Services.

    After the company transitioned itself to Emerson Network Power India in 2001,
    the company has made a conscious effort to align itself with its global parent. This meant bringing together world-renowned brands under the Emerson Network Power India aegis. In effect, Emerson has moved from being a UPS and Precision AC manufacturer to a Global Leader in enabling Business Critical Continuity Solutions.”

    Emerson’s solutions cater to an array of large enterprises spanning across IT/ITES/Datacenters, Telecom Datacenter & Networks, Industrial Process Control Rooms, Food Processing Industries, Broadcast Facilities, Building Services Control Rooms, Surveillance and Monitoring Centers, Medical Equipment Installations, Government, Banks and Financial Institutions and Retail Malls. Through its extensive network of Business Partners and Channel Partners, Emerson has successfully penetrated the B & C class cities in India to cater to the fast-growing SME segment.

    An ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified company; Emerson Network Power (India) Private Ltd., crossed a major milestone in its quality journey when it was accorded Level II recognition by MAIT (Manufacturers Association for Information Technology) in 1998. This is the highest ever recognition accorded by MAIT in India for a company and the first in the manufacturing sector. In 1999, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) recognised the company for its strong commitment to Quality through a Certificate under the CII-Exim Business Excellence Award.


    The company also has a long list of awards to its credit, notable ones being:


    • Nominated for ET-Customer Responsiveness Award in Manufacturing Segment for 2007
    • The Maharashtra IT Award in the IT Hardware category for 2003-04 & 2004-05
    • Frost & Sullivan “Voice of Customers Awards” for the Indian UPS Industry 2004 for Product line & Customer service leadership awards in IT/ITES/Data Centres, Large Enterprises, Hospitals, Telecom and Customer service leadership award in Banking/Insurance/ Non-banking financial.
    • MAIT Excellence in Exports award in the Hardware category for 2002 – 03


    Emerson Network Power (India) Private Ltd. is headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra and is supplemented by a strong national network of 6 zonal and 35 branch offices. Emerson Network Power has larger spread of it’s channel partners across the country with 123 Business Partners and 1000+ Value Added Resellers. It has 24x7x365 call centers and more than 100 service engineers to provide round the clock services to customers.

    Liebert, Knurr, Asco, ASTEC, and Emerson Energy Systems are divisions of Emerson and Emerson Network Power. Through its Emerson Network Power companies, Emerson is serving network-dependent data, telecommunications and Internet-related businesses with a full spectrum of reliable power and connectivity solutions.

    More information on Emerson Network Power, its services and products is available at:

    Product Portfolio

    1. Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS)

    Range: 600VA to 4800 kVA; Applications: Datacenters, Server rooms, Telecommunications, Industrial Process & Motion Automation, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, InfoCom, Wi-Fi Hot Spots, Medical Imaging Equipment, Satellite Up linking & earth stations, Fire alarm systems, Security systems, Software Technology parks

     2. Active Harmonic Filter (AHF)

    State-of-the-Art active filter that dynamically cleans up Harmonics and improves Power Factor, for all types of electrical installations. It has dynamic control features and has no resonance effects, no reactive power circulation, no passive components.

    Available Range: 30 A ,60 A ,100 A ,150 A ,300 A

    3. Static Transfer Switches (STS)

    The STS is a solid-state, three-pole, dual-position transfer switch designed to automatically and manually switch between two synchronized three-phase AC power sources without an interruption of power to the load; Sensing and transfer time 4-6 ms; Types include Static Switch (6 kVA); Static Transfer Switch 2(3-ph, 100-1000A);   

     4. Power Distribution Units (PDU)

    PDUs are designed to efficiently deliver conditioned power from UPS to Critical loads. Features include monitoring, grounding, expansion capabilities & custom distribution; Types include Precision Power Center (Available with Isolation Transformer, in 3-ph, 15 –225 kVA systems, upto 4 Panels each 42 poles); Remote Distribution Center (3-ph, 4-wire-plus-ground, 225A, 168 poles); Free standing rack distribution unit (3-ph, 4-wire-plus-ground, 225A, 168 Poles); Power Distribution units are also available with Static Transfer Switch 2 (3-ph, 250 – 800A);

    5. Sites can Web – Site Monitoring Solutions

    A Web- Based Site monitoring, Alarm Management and Trending/Analysis for critical sites; Shows exactly where is the problem; Monitors virtually any piece of critical equipment located in next room/in a facility on other side of the country; Oversees multiple facilities located thousand miles apart; Ability to interface with Building Management System/other facility supervisory equipment; Can be tailored to the specific requirements of critical support infrastructure; Applications: Computer rooms, Telecommunication centers, Industrial process control facilities, locations housing sensitive electronic equipment


    Centralised SNMP based monitoring software and Remotely Monitored & controlled power distribution strips for server racks.

    6.Battery Monitoring Solutions

    Battery Monitoring solutions help in preventing battery failure, extending battery life, reducing maintenance cost & increasing safety; Features – checks the health status of each cell by proactive DC

    resistance test, scans pertinent battery parameters for every 4 sec; Trend Analysis; Remote notification; Types include BDS – 40(Designed for 12V sealed batteries; monitors up to 32 cells); BDS –256(Supports 2V, 4V, 6V, 8V & 12V modules; NiCd cells; Monitors 256Cells);

    7. Precision Air Conditioners (PAC)

    A complete line of high capacity precision air conditioning systems, from1 to 60 tons, protects areas housing critical equipment with precise, reliable control of temperature, humidity and airflow. Floor mounted, Wall/Ceiling mounted, Rack mounted, Extreme density systems, chillers, Heat rejection & air conditioners for Telecom shelters are available

    8. DC Power Systems

    A complete line of DC power systems have been designed for modularity and easy servicing for the needs of DC dependent Telecommunication equipment (Network Access equipment, Transmission equipment, BTS, MSC, BSC, Microwave Communication equipment, Surface station of Satellite Communication); Range:  (5A – 7200A) @ 48V

    9. Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

    ATS transfers the critical load to emergency sources reliably in the event of failure of utility power; Features include neutral overlapping, repeatably fast transfer operation, Microprocessor based Control panel, Serial communication capability etc; Range: 30 – 4000A. Applications: Telecommunications, InfoTech, Process & Industrial Town ships, Retail & Commercial establishments

    10. Racks & Enclosure systems

    Product range: Network racks, Server Racks, 19”racks/enclosures, Outdoor cabinets, Street cabinets, Wall case – wall mounted enclosures, 10”/19” wall mounted enclosures; Water cooled server racks up to 35kW; MaxLoad seisimic racks & Heavy load racks; ETS racks; Applications: IT & Telecommunications

    11. TVSS – Surge Suppression systems

    Offers Power Sure Panel Low & Medium exposure surge suppression systems; Available in 100kA/phase & 160kA/phase

  • Features :

    • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
    • Boost and buck AVR for voltage stabilization
    • Auto restart while AC is recovering
    • 10 Amp Super charger, able to charge 100Ah battery in 6-8 hours
    • Up to 8 Hours Backup Time**
    • Simulated sine wave
    • Off-mode charging
    • Cold start function
    • Optional USB/RS-232 communication port and RJ-11/RJ-45 phone protection



  • Features :
    • Compact size
    • Excellent microprocessor control guarantees high reliability
    • 2-step Boost and 1-step buck AVR for voltage stabilization
    • Auto restart while AC is recovering
    • Simulated sine wave
    • Off-mode charging
    • Cold start function
    • Generator compatible E’J



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